The Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA) is a nonprofit marine trade group founded in 1988 consisting of hundreds of marine brokers, dealers and industry related professionals. Representing the highest professional standards in the recreational boating industry, NYBA members are committed to ensuring fair and honest business practices when buying and selling a boat.

NYBA is the producer of the September Boats Afloat Show on South Lake Union and a proud partner of the Seattle Boat Show in January. Whether you're exploring boat ownership for the first time or you are a seasoned captain, our goal is to connect people with the unparalleled Pacific Northwest cruising waters. Because life is better on a boat!


Keeping an eye on the weather — Back in the days of iron men and wooden ships, weather predictions were made with a barometer, good eyesight (a weather eye), and maybe a little intuition. Today's mariner is more likely to predict the weather by glancing down at a computer screen than up at the sky. Full story »

Boat sales ride a rising tide into 2015 — U.S. recreational boating industry estimates new powerboat sales up 5-7 percent last year; Sales expected to increase another 5 percent in 2015 as boat shows open nationwide . Full story »

Generate more listings & sell more boats — There's a saying in the industry; "If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it themselves." In truth, it's not so easy to sell a boat or find a boat that is a good match for you on your own. It takes time, commitment, know-how, and the right resources. If you are ready to buy or sell a boat, a Yacht Sales Professional can help turn your dreams into reality. Full story »

Lower volume, higher prices for U.S. brokerage in November — After monthly performances generally pacing behind 2013 by single-digit percentages, U.S. brokerage sales were 12 percent lower in November, with 1,749 boats sold, compared to 1,983 in the same month a year earlier. Despite the lower volume, reports by YachtWorld member yacht brokerages were that the total value of the boats sold in November increased by $20 million, to $251 million. Full story »

Keeping your boat afloat — Three decades ago, Max Fletcher, then in his 20s, was getting ready to captain a Westsail 32 from New Zealand back to the East Coast of the United States by way of the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn. He happened to meet up with sailing legend Eric Hiscock who had completed three circumnavigations of the globe with his wife Susan, the first in the early 1950s. When Fletcher asked for advice about his upcoming voyage, Hiscock replied, "Keep the water out!" Full story »

Three key factors that determine business and sales success — The following three factors are critical to success in business and sales and if you have these in place, your success is virtually guaranteed. Full story »

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